Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's for dinner

When making felt food, for some reason breakfast items always spring to mind. Mostly eggs. Eggs are so easy. And then eventually you move on to dessert. Faux chocolate is delightful to play around with! But ultimately you realize you need to create something more substantial. Dinner.

So... I've trying to think of more dinnerish felt food things to make. I have a bit of a list I've started. I'm stuck on a couple of things because I'm dissatisfied with the colors of felt I have, but I'm going to keep those ideas to myself for now, as I'm determined to have a go at them anyway and I'd like it to be a surprise ;)

Today I tackled one that uses pretty standard colors. Ivory, red... and the color of fried things, which I hadn't gotten around to using yet. Gold or goldenrod, depending which brand of felt you're using.

And here's the result, chicken parmesan:


I think it looks best with the sauce and cheese sewn on, but for smallish kids it's probably more fun to be able to take it apart and put it together yourself.


And if you've still got room for dessert, the Easter cookies are ready :)

Felt food Easter cookies

Felt food Easter cookies

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