Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why I love sewing by hand

As I mentioned yesterday, spring is here. I snapped a few pictures of the lemon tree buds to share, one close-up and one in which you can see both a ripe lemon and some new buds (the buds are at about 11 o'clock from the lemon).

Buds on lemon tree

Buds and the last lemon

What does this have to do with sewing, you wonder? I have this balcony, you see, and the last couple of days it has been delightfully warm out there, but sunny enough that it's a bit difficult to read for very long. Sewing, however, seems to work out just fine! So there I can sit, listening to audiobooks or music or the chirping birds, and stitch away at things like... felt food pizza, which I don't use the sewing machine for at all.


More reasons to love sewing by hand:
  • You can bring it with you when you travel, and sew on the plane or in your hotel room or in the coffee shop in the lobby or pretty much anywhere.
  • You can sew with a cat on your lap, if your cat behaves and what you're sewing is smallish.
  • You can do it at odd hours, since it doesn't make much noise.
Well, you get the idea. Feel free to add your own 'reasons to love sewing by hand' in the comments!

Hope spring comes your way soon :)

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