Saturday, November 22, 2008

felt food chatter

Googling "felt food" leads to lots of interesting places. Here I'll list the blogs and forum threads about felt food which I've found helpful and/or inspirational.

Half Pint Pixie is blogging about her adventures making felt food for Littlepixie. In addition to pictures of her own creations, she includes copious links to helpful places around the web.

Lit'l Brown Bird blogs tips and free tutorials. This is where I got the idea for my felt palette! It may seem like an obvious tip to everyone else but had never occurred to me. ;)

All Twisted Up made oodles of food for her kids, mostly "winging it" patternless.

Mommy Knows made breakfast goodies and cautions about buying patterns if you're planning to sell your felt food.

Design Mom's blog has a guest post about the felt food craze.

Homemade by Jill produced an entire grocery sack full of felt food for her niece.

The A-Team also wrote about how to get started making felt food.

Penny Carnival has a felt food resource round-up and some posts about the stuff she's made.

I learned some stuff from forum posts as well, here and there.

And finally, Zakka Life posted a bunch of links to free felt food patterns!


  1. Oooh lots more links to follow! Thanks for linking to my adventures, I feel famous now :) I'm sewing mushrooms as I type.

  2. You're famous to me! :) I very much enjoy peeking at other people's ongoing craftiness.